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White-Black Guy Blog Day 2

I say day 2 because 2nd sept. Yeaahhh.

Anyways, haven’t eaten the whole day yet, been checking my emails and doing some curios online shopping (this mainly stemmed from the fact I’ve been missing a certain walkers flavour crisp and I couldn’t find it until now…) Haven’t started gymming yet and the clothes I sorted from yesterday, the rejects are gonna be put into clothes bins. Will most likely spend the rest of the day catching up on Youtube videos.

And as for the roof of my mouth…still hurts from Sunday’s Ed Diner intake right after coming back from Birmingham with friends, apparently the hotdog was still piping hot and it just took me by surprise.

White-Black Guy Blog

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about doing some kind of daily blog. I know someone who has been doing this but I personally want give this a run. At the very least it will leave some kind of activity on my page.

Title will be called “White-Black Guy Blog” which is due to my personality and will run only for this month.

Annnnnnnnnnd… I may as well start now since i’m still awake:

White-Black Guy Blog Day 0/1: September has begun and I think I need to sort out some things, starting off with my closet. I have realized that some (mostly hoodies) are too old may be thrown away and some other things i’ve still yet to try in public. Also I have new PJ’s or as i’m going to start calling them “lounge clothes” because my current selection were also getting too old and I didn’t have enough choices.

Also going to start gymming more and then finally nail my driving test late this month (don’t ask).

And one last thing: I’ve been single for too long, I really need to fix that…

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Twitter tumblr test

Ok, hopefully this should work now.

Rumor Mill - Neogaf 2


Here is supposedly information on how things have come out.  Again, this is all rumor and nothing is for certain.  Time will tell about the truth of any leak.

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Jeez tumblr is sure giving me all these awards I don’t even know I’ve achieved.

Jeez tumblr is sure giving me all these awards I don’t even know I’ve achieved.



It has started…




i laughed too hard at this.


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thats-not-candy-thats-sand said: Did you make that cake yourself? Would it be too much to ask if you could make a tutorial in how to make one?

No I didn’t make this cake myself, sorry. I saw it somewhere while browsing and plucked it and then blogged it here.

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Nothing like killing a charmander by blowing its fire away then feasting on its body

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