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White-Black Guy Day 16

Went to the Gym, had a great workout, did some rowing followed by weights followed by some cooldown on the treadmill.

However, that girl I mentioned yesterday, not going to bother. What made me draw the line was the fact she never onced asked me questions back so yeah, no go,

Also, I see I have some new followers…

Hi :]

White-Black Guy Day 15

Went to the gym for some cardio (on le bike machine) But then I saw this girl whom I will assume she’s of similar age and we talked for a bit. The only problem I faced was that my beard was pretty much in FULL force. Didn’t expect to even talk to anyone during the course of the month and suddenly I have a reason to shave.

(I hope she notices…).

White-Black Guy Day 13

Late entry again but I haven’t got much to say except.

People are making it so hard to not make me wait for english sm4sh.
All of you STOP IT!!


when u hear someone ask about a video game u love


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White-Black Guy Day 12

Missed a day but that can happen.

Anyways not feeling too well right now, been sneezing a lot (apparently it’s a cold) but I don’t even feel cold. I’ve had 2 sachets of Lemsip and I feel a little better but what REALLY helped me was just 10 minutes ago I decided to go to my local fish and chip shop and they were practically clearing chicken stock of their stall and altogether: I got 15 chicken wings, half a dozen of chicken, a sausage and a fishcake for £7 (but I paid £6.55 because that’s all I had) Pretty overwhelemed by that. (Like a black guy’s dream… <- why did I go there?)

White-Black Guy Blog Day 10

Very late entry, even missed the day entirely. Was out in London, did stuff.

Keeping this short but the left side of my body muscles hurt…

Also, if you happen to see this on facebook then… i’ve been making irl blog entries from the past week, if you’re interested then flip through my twitter or tumblr (It’s easier to see them there) and have a read!

Pokken fighter cast confirmed

Currently playing the Smash 4 demo, get hype!

White-Black Guy Blog Day 9

Didn’t do much today except play Mario Kart 8 but I DID hit the gym at the last hour, all i’ve eaten is a packet of crisps (The kind meant to be shared).

…Ok well I almost finished it but that’s all I’ve eaten today so far. Now i’m going to finish it off with some chinese food and 6 hot wings, shouldn’t be too much.

P.s I sweat like a bull somehow so i’m taking a bath before I eat.

White-Black Guy Blog Day 8

My arms feel so much heavier coming back from the gym (I feel like a noob saying this somehow) Getting some advice and more of an idea of what I want to do i,e, 5 sets of 10 on this and that. Rowing machine was occupied so I couldn’t use it omg, tomorrow i’m hitting it for myself. Might do sprint intervals on the treadmill (just don’t eat anything before).

Also it seems we have another royal pregnancy coming from kate. 2015 here we go…

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